Rémi Barraquand

My name is Rémi Barraquand, i'm currently a PhD. candidate in Computer Science at the Grenoble National Institute of Technology within the PRIMA Research Project group of the Grenoble Informatics Laboratory at the INRIA Grenoble research center in Montbonnot France.

My research interest is about designing "polite" and "social technologies" by providing them with social common sense. For more information, I welcome you to visit my research page. I'm also teaching at the Grenoble National Institute of Technology. Information are available on my teaching page.

I'm involved in many projects related or not to my research work. Again more information can be found on my developer and designer pages. During my free/personal time I enjoy taking photography.


first name (at) family name (dot) com


Rémi Barraquand
INRIA Grenoble Rhones-Alpes Research Center
655 Ave de l'Europe
38300 Montbonnot, France.

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['Bali.', ' Uluwatu beach']

Bali. Uluwatu beach

This picture was taken at low tide nearby Uluwatu beach in Bali, Indonesia.